New Site

My new site is now live!

It is still quite bare (lockdown inconvenience) but it has a proper shop, to which I have already added several items.

It was my first time on WordPress/WooCommerce so it took a bit of getting-used-to to design and set up everything. All should work properly but if you have any navigation problem on the site, please let me know, thank you!

This coincides with my first adventure in the self-publishing business, with three lavish, signed pop-up cards made in collaboration with the Australian photographer Rohan Hutchinson. Production has started and the cards should be available in (late?) January. Very exciting!

Stay tuned!

PS - Oh, and the promotion of my second publication is going strong! X. Coste's graphic novel 1984. The pop-up spread will only be featured in the first printing. Cheers!

Kirie Bookmarks for Halloween and more!

I have recently sat down with my box cutter and black paper again, and ended up making (the mysteries of the creative process!) kirie bookmarks, most of them basked in the closing Halloween air. They can be seen separately in the Illustration Works page. Each is one of a kind, monogrammed, and for sale. If interested (or otherwise), please contact me.

Récemment je me suis r'attablé avec cutter et papier noir : en sont sortis (les mystères de la création !) des signets en kirié, la plupart baignant dans l'air d'Halloween approchant. Ils sont visible séparément sur la page Illustration Works. Chacun est unique, monogrammé, et en vente. Si vous êtes intéressé (ou autre), merci de me contacter.