Pop-up Varia

Pop-up Cards

Handcrafted Pop-Up Cards / Cartes pop-up faites à la main
(inspired by David A. Carter's wonderful art, ofc)
Unique copies / Exemplaires uniques
Dimensions: 16 x 12 cm closed / 16 x 24 cm open

Flower Pop-Up Card - Fushia Pink Orange

Flower Pop-Up Card - Orange Green

Flower Pop-Up Card - Orange Blue

Flower Pop-Up Card - Yellow Lagoon Blue

Entirely handcrafted pop-up subway tickets!
All items are unique and there will never be duplicates.
All were crafted in 2007-2008, are numbered 1/1 and signed.

Long-necked Rabbit

Dancing Man

Smiling Tower

Sitting Cat 1

Eiffel Tower

Big Apple

Smiling Moon

Big Bad Wolf

Strange Smiling Winking Cat

Little Mouse

Sitting Dog

Sitting Cat 2

Bird on a Branch